The Toe-Stomping Anniversary

Kyle and I just spent five lovely days in Las Vegas, trying to avoid the shadier parts of town, trying not to get lost, and succeeding in having a good enough time to cause me to have a minor melt-down this morning about my severe desire to never return to real life, school, or anything even closely resembling a responsibility.

Alas, this did nothing to prevent any of those impending things.

In other news, the first anniversary is traditionally called the Paper Anniversary, but after our adventures in Las Vegas I think it should be re-named the Toe-Stomping Anniversary. Why? Because after nearly two years of courtship and marriage and Kyle never really stepping on my feet, I’m pretty sure that he successfully stepped on my feet every day of our vacation.

The second-most memorable moment was after we’d walked for almost two hours around the Strip, found the Bellagio fountains (for how large they are, they were surprisingly difficult to get to from the inside of the hotel), watched the volcano explode at the Mirage (or some other hotel? Maybe?). I was wearing flip-flops, my feet were sore from walking and my ill-conceived footwear, and I had been complaining somewhat loudly about the developing blisters between my toes when he decided to help my foot dillema by trampling on them. I think perhaps he thought that it would give me some perspective. You know how they say that if you get hurt worse in one part of your body it takes away the original pain? Well, I wasn’t buying it, and proceeded to announce that I would never forgive him for the foot stomping.

That lasted until he gave me a foot massage and forgiveness suddenly began flowing freely.

The most memorable moment was on our last night. We had gone to the Las Vegas temple, so he was wearing his suit and I was in a dress. We decided to splurge and went out to a steakhouse for our last night out. We were sitting in a booth that was raised up enough to warrant a “Step Down” sign on the table to remind you that there was a foot-tall drop awaiting your exit from the booth. Attempting to be both smooth and valorous, Kyle offered me his hand to help me step down, which I took, and he proceed to (in a very non smooth and non valorous way) stomp on my foot.

I almost tripped, the host was watching the whole thing. We both ended up looking rather silly.

So how was the anniversary trip? Great, but my toes only barely survived.


4 thoughts on “The Toe-Stomping Anniversary

  1. This is your long-lost friend MIchelle saying hello from Japan. Happy anniversary. Good job on getting a great husband. He:s a lucky man. Peace.

    • Hello long-lost friend Michelle! I hope Japan is treating you well. :) Thanks for the well wishes, and I really hope things are looking at least a little better than they were when I saw you last. :/

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