Two Performances

While we were in Las Vegas, we saw the Blue Man Group. It was astounding. They were funny, talented, and we left the theater completely entertained and having thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Last night, shortly after we arrived home, I went to see a community theater production of Aida with Amy and her roommate…and it was really quite terrible. You know you’re doing something wrong when the highlight of the performance was running into Kyle’s aunt and uncle at intermission. It’s not that I dislike them, quite the opposite actually, but when a five minute conversation is head and shoulders more entertaining that the entire production was, you know you’ve missed the mark.

What is even more pitiful, however, is that the second most entertaining thing I did was fan my sister with the program through the entire show because she had a pretty terrible headache and it was hot. You’ve really failed when fanning somebody for two hours is more entertaining.

Amy, her roommate and I have vowed to see a BYU production this semester to make up for suck a lackluster performance. I’m quite looking forward to it, if only to wash the bad taste that was Aida out of my mouth.



2 thoughts on “Two Performances

  1. I am so glad I didn’t go see it, then. Aida is pretty much my all-time favorite musical in the history of ever. I would have been tremendously sad, had I seen a butchered performance.

    • It was pretty awful. The set was cool, the men’s costumes were good (the women’s made me want to vomit) and the singing was pretty good. Otherwise it was really quite awful. Kyle’s cousin implored me not to judge the musical based on that performance, so I promised I’d see another version before passing my final verdict on the show itself.

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