Today in our primary class we had the kids list things that they were thankful for and things that they wanted to ask God for, to give them ideas about what to pray about. One little boy drew a picture of himself playing video games on the computer, saying that he was grateful for video games. He got distracted, so we asked him what else he was grateful for.

Boy: The Wii. But that’s the same picture!
Kyle: No, it’s quite a different picture.
Little girl: It’s got a TV, duh!

It was hilarious.

On our way to our aunt and uncle’s house today, we got stuck behind a middle aged overweight man on a motorcycle wearing nothing but a black speedo and his mustache.

It was somewhere between hilarious and really creepy.

I had one of those situations today where I desperately wanted to tell somebody what they needed to do, but knew that it wasn’t my place to step in or say anything (I don’t know the person very well and they wanted to complain more than they wanted to fix it). So I kept my mouth shut. I should put a shingle up: Eliza, Wisdom Offered, $5 per piece of advice, will never lead astray.


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