Tonight I went over to a friend’s house, ostensibly for scrapbooking. I met two other women (again, evidently I’ve met them once before) and we spent the evening chatting with each other. Everyone in the group is married, most of us are either in school or have spouses in school, and two of them were pregnant. It was really nice to talk with people who are in similar life circumstances as I am. I love all of my friends dearly, but most of them are either single or have been married a very long time. Being around other relatively newly weds and talking about similar problems and life circumstances is encouraging–I’m not the only one doing this!

We all work, we all have husbands who work. Time with our husbands is very important to us, such that we sometimes put off time with friends and other family so that we can be with the one we love. We’re all looking at having kids in the relatively near future (nearer for some than others) and we talked about raising kids and being good parents.

Sometimes it’s nice to just take a break from life, and having the opportunity to chat with other women who have similar paradigms and are feeling similar emotions was encouraging and uplifting. Even though only one page of scrapbooking and one card got finished, I at least came out of the night buoyed by the experience.


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