As It Turns Out…

…you need a few things to shine shoes. I bought mink oil and brown shoe shine so that I could waterproof and polish my brown boots before winter came.

This project passed by the wayside for a few weeks, when I decided to shine a pair of black heels and Kyle’s shoes since they have a number of scuff marks. Then I realized that I needed black shoe shine to polish my heels and Kyle’s Sunday shoes, so I went back and got black shoe shine.

I went to shine the shoes, and realized I didn’t have any applicator or polishing cloth. So a few weeks later I bought a cloth and applicator. I set up a station where I could shine the shoes without getting anything on the floor and read the instructions.

It turns out you need a bristle brush in order to polish shoes.

Kyle said there’s no point in shining them without the brush. He also asked me why I didn’t buy a kit instead of purchasing everything separately.


Someday I will have all the materials I need to polish all my shoes.

As for today, I waterproofed my boots. I’d like to think that I’ve reached my pathetic quota for the week.


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