Learning to Teach

So…I’ve been complaining about how terrible I am as a teacher for years. I just couldn’t understand how to communicate ideas to students and have them follow my thought processes.

But then I got hired to write a very pedagogically-minded textbook that was geared specifically towards using images to communicate ideas and teach effectively.

And then I got called into Primary, where I get to teach the gospel to simultaneously adorable and irritating children that I love.

And after all my whining and complaining, it turns out that teaching is a skill. And the more I learn about education and the more I teach, the better I get at it. Tonight I taught a little station of basic sewing skills (gathering and inserting an elastic band) for a Relief Society activity. It was really fun and validating to teach what I’ve learned over the past year about sewing to ladies who have either never sewn before, or had very little sewing experience.

Throughout these experiences, I realized that not only has my teaching ability greatly improved over the past year, but I also really enjoy teaching. At a drum major academy that I went to a number of years ago, the leader, who’s name was George Parks, told us that it doesn’t matter what you go into, you will have to be able to teach. I have been asked to teach a lot recently, and I’m grateful for how much I’ve been able to grow and learn as I go out and do it.

(As an aside, it’s also nice to learn a skill that I wasn’t graded on through my learning curve [unlike French and sewing ahemahem]. I look forward to this more after I graduate.)


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