Dish Demurral

So I’ve been in a quandary over dishes for the past five months. It’s really kind of pitiful. I have some dishes that I inherited from my mother, and she inherited them from her mother. Mom remembers eating off of these plates when she was a little girl. Now this sounds like the beginning of a lovely “vintage plates that are so pretty” kind of story, but my mother’s family embodies pragmatism.

Which means that the dishes are kind of ugly. They’re these pastel, plastic plates that were made before microwaves were common household objects.

Which means that they aren’t microwave safe.

Now I’ve wanted to replace them since Kyle and I got married, and I was determined to have Corelle dishes. I want Corelle because Momma had the same set of Corelle dishes throughout all the years I was growing up, and they survived four kids. They’re durable, they’re dishwasher safe, and they’re not heavy stoneware. I love them.

But the purpose in getting new dishes is not only to have microwave safe plates, it’s also to have pretty plates. And all of my favorite Corelle designs are really quite expensive (for our budget). Wal-Mart has sets for half the cost of my favorite designs online, but they’re just not as pretty as the ones I like.

As a result, I’ve been wallowing in indecision. Every time I decide to just get the nice dishes, I get online, see the price tag, hesitate, and put the decision off for another day.

I currently have my browsers open to the dish sets that I love. I think I’m going to go stick my head in the sand for another day while I mull it over.


10 thoughts on “Dish Demurral

  1. I would suggest waiting for a bit before you get dishes. It’s more of a want thing than a need. Perhaps you can put money, everyday change or whatnot, into a jar and when that jar contains enough money, you can splurge and buy that awesome set of corelle dishes. (I like the shadow iris ones.)

    • This is part of why I’m so stuck. For what I *need* for practical purposes (microwave-safe plates), I could just buy the cheaper ones from Wal-Mart. My pragmatic side and my I-like-pretty-things side are warring with each other.

      • Then get the Wal-mart ones now, and use that jar idea for the pretty ones. You can then give the dishes you don’t like to those less fortunate like any other college student. It could also make for an awesome wedding/birthday/I-Like-You gift. Or you can keep them so that when you have kids, they play rough with the dishes you don’t like.

  2. I just collect all different correlle whenever I find them at the thriftstore. I love having different patterns at the same table. And it’s just a $4 investment here and there. The plates run $1 a piece. I now regret telling you this as you are closer to the DI than me.

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