Going Our Separate Ways

Today Kyle and I needed to go to the library and the JFSB (another building on campus), so we drove up, parked the car and went our separate ways. Kyle’s thing took a little longer, so when I got back to the car I got in to wait for him. It was night, but there were street lamps, so I assumed when he approached the car he could see me. But as he got to the car, he looked around, walked to the back of the car, and looked towards the JFSB to see if he could find me walking towards the car.

I leaned forward to tap the glass and let him know I was in the car, but then I decided to wait and see if he would actually look IN the car and find me. He waited for a minute, and then turned to lean on the car. I was prepared for him, and as he leaned on the car, I honked the horn.

Surely, I thought, surely he will figure out that I’m in the car from this. But when I honked the horn, he jumped about a foot in the air and looked frantically around. I could almost see the question form on his face as he looked at the car: If I lean on it, will it honk again?

So he turned around, and once more leaned on the car. I honked the horn again. He didn’t jump quite as high this time, but with a similar expression on his face, went to lean on it again. I honked again. It was at this point that he finally looked into the car, and was totally shocked to see me sitting there, honking the horn.

So no, Kyle, our car does not actually have a car alarm. Just an intelligent wife and a husband with a surprising interest in science.



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