I Have a Friend Called Prince Charming

No, for serious, I do. It’s even in my cell phone–can you possibly get more legit than that?

It all started three years ago. It was my Freshman year of college and we (being me and about 10 other girls) were doing a Disney princess themed Halloween. We asked a bunch of guys to be the princes, but we were short a few. As it turns out, getting 11 guys to dress up as Disney princes was a little harder than getting 11 girls to dress up as Disney princesses. To remedy this, we wound up getting some guys that most of the girls didn’t know. One of them was the guy we designated as Cinderella’s prince charming.

He said that he didn’t have a white coat, so we got one from DI (the local thrift store), but it was like an XXL. We thought for sure that it would never fit him. Evidently, he thought for sure that we would never find one that was his size. He came over, we presented him the coat, and lo and behold, it fit perfectly! We were stunned, all around. In addition, he brought his brother, who dressed up as the Ugly Step Sister complete with a wig and a dress. It was pretty much meant to be.

We (being Amy and I and some of our friends) hung out with him periodically throughout the year. We went to his brother’s open house before his mission. Over the summer, we invited him to be in our football group. It was also over that summer when I became facebook friends with Kyle, and I noticed that Prince Charming was a mutual friend. After I’d gone out on a few dates with Kyle, I asked him how he knew Prince Charming.

I seem to remember him making some claim about being Prince Charming. I clarified that it wasn’t the Idea of Prince Charming, but My Friend Prince Charming, and it turns out that they had served in the same mission. It was one of those “Wow, it’s a small, small world” moments.

That year Prince Charming also taught me almost everything I know about football. It turns out that being a fairytale prince comes with an arsenal of football knowledge. Really, who’d’ve thought?

We continue to be friends, and he is Kyle’s go-to friend for all things video games (or on nights when I’m going out with the girls).

But really, at the end of the day it just cracks me up that I have a friend called Prince Charming.


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