To My Dear Former Roommate

Yeah, that dear roommate. The one with the cell phone that still haunts me to this day. I’m not even kidding–it randomly drops my calls and doesn’t deliver text messages. Because it’s haunting me.

When her cell phone isn’t manifesting itself to disturb my peace of mind, she is a pretty fabulous friend. For example, today she baked some potatoes for me in her oven and helped me generally get dinner ready so that I could clean my bathroom (which has been depressingly dirty for the past three weeks).

Today, instead of being the medium for my own personal poltergeist, she was my hero.

Isn’t it nice to have risen from medium to hero? It’s like getting a promotion at work. Except without the monetary benefits.

Thanks, Dear Roommate. You know who you are. And your cell phone knows who I am.


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