So today I got news that I’m receiving an Undergraduate Research Award from the Chemistry department for the work in my job. I actually received the same award over the summer, but the competition was less stiff. Quite frankly, since I’m an art history major competing in a hard science field for this matter, I didn’t really expect to receive the award.

The meat and beans is that not only does the department believe in what I’m doing, but they believe in it so much that they want to give me $1500 to keep doing it. This will go into the grant money and I will continue to be paid per hour as usual, but the real upside is that my pay scale just increased by $2.25 per hour. That isn’t really anything to sniff at when you’re being paid an hourly wage.

So this is my, “Wow, I’m more awesome than I give myself credit for sometimes” pat on the back for today, and a quiet reminder to keep working hard so that people will still love me at work, write good letters of recommendation when I need them, and give me money when I warrant it. It’s nice when hard work pays off.


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