Work and Time

I’m taking an honors class this semester. I’m not in the honors program, but you don’t have to be to take the classes. This is the first honors class I’ve taken, and I decided to take it because the professor was far superior to the one teaching the regular English class.

My professor puts time limits on homework assignments. She’ll put “30 minutes” or “1-2 hours” next to the assignments, and she says that she does this because honors students put so much time into their work. She says that she’ll give an assignment that she thinks ought to take 20 minutes and she’ll have students that will take an hour and a half on it.

I’m not going to lie, this boggled my mind. My time is valuable! If I have a short reading assignment, I’m sure as heck not going to spend an hour and a half on it. There are assignments that are worth taking your time on (papers that constitute a significant portion of your grade) and assignments that aren’t (daily homework and reading assignments.) I will spend long hours on the former, but certainly not the latter.

Maybe this is the real reason I’m not an honors student.


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