Winter Approaching

The weather is turning. For the past few weeks, it’s been pleasantly cool at night while still hot during the day. I really like this last, lingering part of summer. For one thing, we have a swamp cooler that’s just not quite effective enough in the summer, so the chillier night air cools our house off enough so that it’s cool all day as well. In general it’s just a nice time of the year.

But cool nights have turned into cool days. I always feel introspective when winter comes. In Utah it will bring snow that is beautiful and peaceful until the daily plod of life overturns and muddies it. But then another snow comes and it’s pristine and peaceful once more. I love the snow. I love the way it falls, especially at night when beautiful white flakes fall from a black sky. It makes the lights reflect off of the pale surface and brightens even the darkest of nights.

One of my favorite memories of Kyle is a night that we played together in the snow. I think it was the first time I knew I really loved him.

Walking among large snowflakes makes me happy. It’s like no matter what happens, the beautiful snow capped mountains and lovely, perfect snow reminds me that there is beauty and peace surrounding me. The stillness that accompanies a snowfall is welcome to me. No matter how hectic or crazy life gets, there’s a sort of serenity to turn to and remind myself that life is always at least a little bit lovely.

And that’s a wonderful reminder among the insanity of my semesters in the winter. My life is stressful during winter at college. The snow shows me that a more excellent, more peaceful way is always available if I just take the time to find it.


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