Kyle Kung Fu

So today I found a Chinese kung fu drama. I got about ten minutes in and decided it wasn’t really for me. A little later, Kyle came home and noticed it up on my computer. I explained what was going on in the episode and he insisted on watching the end of the episode.

Watching kung fu is a lot more fun with Kyle. He thinks that all the semi cheesy fighting is SO AWESOME and his enthusiasm is kind of infectious. It’s also fun to watch how much he loves it.

In addition, he is now demanding that I see Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon so that I can Fully Understand kung fu. I liked Kung Fu Panda. Both of them. Isn’t that enough kung fu for one lifetime?

Evidently not.

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy Kyle’s kung fu love. It’s pretty much borrowed kung fu love–it’s not actually mine, but I can share his.


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