Quotes from Primary

We’re preparing the primary program at church, which is the Sunday that the children sing songs and give a presentation during the worship service. It’s usually hilarious.

The Primary President was explaining to the children that they shouldn’t touch the microphone with their mouths. “If you put your mouth all over the microphone and then somebody else does do you know what happens?”

“Germs happen!” Microphone germs. The scariest of them all.

And later, when she was explaining how when they stand to sing they should have their hands by their side and not move, one little boy offered this nugget of advice: “Stand like a stormtrooper!”

One little girl in her part called it the “Dutch of Mormon” instead of the “Book of Mormon.”

And lastly, the president had a crown and a tiara that she put on the heads of the kids who were behaving well. When one of the little boys got it he exclaimed, “I look like a real king!”

Teaching in Primary is kind of adorable.


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