Remember that One Time?

I have a friend who likes to start stories with “Remember that one time when…” and then proceeds to tell a long story in that you’ve never heard before and most certainly don’t remember. It’s one of her character quirks that I quite enjoy.

So in the vein of this friend…

Remember that one time when Kyle entered a video competition at the beginning of the semester and I completely forgot to mention it to anybody until it was pretty much done? But he had already made five movies in as many weeks, and they were pretty much all his best movies to date?


I remember that one time.

But he really did a great job, and I’m proud of him. He won two challenges, placed second in three, placed second overall, and won some spiffy prizes (including money!) in the process. Good job, muffin.

Here are his movies, presented in order of creation.

Challenge 1: Make a movie explaining why you should participate in the competition.

Challenge 2: Make a movie with a character named The Shark who puts on a magic watch. This one was sponsored by a Deal a Day website called Shark Stores, hence the “ad” at the end.

Challenge 3: Go out and interview people in the most awkward/funny way possible.

Challenge 4: Do a remake of this (really stupid) scene from the film Sixteen Candles.

Challenge 5: Make a How-To video.


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