On Life Choices

Today as I was getting dressed, I pondered over the fact that one of my classes had been canceled. This meant that I only had two classes and would get out a whole two hours earlier than I normally do. All you do in classes is sit, right? And Kyle was dropping me off on campus on his way to work.

So I wore high heeled boots.

I got compliments on my outfit all day. It made me feel spiffy and as though I have some sense of fashion. I was awesome. A beacon of good sense and style to the world, making the day of everybody who saw me just a little bit brighter.

Until I got to patternmaking and spent four and a half hours standing, making two dress patterns. You know, because my other class was canceled so I had the time to do it.

Then I walked home from campus.

In my high heeled boots.

My feet were tingling by the time I crossed the street ten times to avoid road construction and holes in the road and sidewalk and unlocked my door. I have spent the rest of the day on my bum on the couch. Perhaps feeling will return to my toes someday. And maybe that’s really not a blister.

One can only hope.


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