What Kind of Sacrifice do You Think Will Suffice?

Despite the early snow this year, I’ve got to admit–this is the best fall I’ve ever had in Utah. In my experience, the winter keeps its claws in until around May or June, we have an oven-hot summer, and then sometime in October it skips straight to winter again until the following May or June.

With the exception of a few days around that snow, it’s actually been refreshingly cool this fall. It gets into the sixties and seventies during the day, the sun keeps it warm, and it cools off quite nicely at night. The mountains are even the closest to being a color other than brown, white or vaguely green that I’ve ever seen them. It’s really quite astonishing.

I hope that, having said such nice things about the weather, it doesn’t decide to curse me and dump snow on Halloween again this year. The mild winters I experienced as a child have led me to believe that it should snow a handful of times between December and March (for the sake of snow days), and then quit.

But I was the one who decided to move 2,000 miles laterally, and 3,000 feet vertically away from my beloved mild winters. I suppose all I can really do is offer sacrifices to the Gods of Mild Weather and pray.


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