Family Fullness

Oldest SIL is in town, and I really enjoy her company. It’s been lovely spending time and chatting with her. Wesley and Amy stayed long after dinner group because the conversation was enjoyable.

And then we got shakes. Evidently the chocolate shakes at Stan’s Diner are the only divine ones, and since I got one I was the only one really impressed with what I had, but that’s ok. Me and divine chocolate shakes are fine with that.


11 thoughts on “Family Fullness

  1. I love Stan’s. But I’m pretty sure I’ve already detailed for you all of my experiences there. And I am pretty magnificent, even if I didn’t make that comment.

    • I was wondering. Usually Amy’s very vocal when she is throwing up, so I was trying to remember when she’d done so and eaten at Stan’s. I had no idea what family history that little diner had!

  2. The best part about Stan’s was the influx of electrolytes and sugar after throwing up for several days, just to repeat the process in a few days.

  3. I used to get French fries and vanilla shakes from Stan’s for Mom when she was pregnant with Matthew and Amy. On FHE, the shakes were 2 for $1 (back in 1983-1987) and the place was always packed. Ah, good memories of Stan’s.

    • I really like the food at Stan’s. It’s just honest, classic American food. And I don’t think that they have that deal anymore–the shakes are a bit pricier, but still delicious. :) Although if you get a combo meal you can get a shake for half price.

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