Every year I go to Cornbelly’s with Amy. It’s a corn maze/fall festival event at Thanksgiving Point, and it’s always a blast. We run around like little kids, play sardines in the cornmaze, bury each other in the corn pit, and get sun burned and sunsick. It’s always wonderful.

This year, I was sick when Amy went. It was really sad.

So Kyle and I decided to go later. I found out that BYU ID’s get us in at half price, and I saw a poster for something called “Zombie Fest” at the Wilk. So Kyle and I decided to go.

I was a fairy and Kyle was a zombie. In a fight, I would totally win.

I did Kyle’s makeup. For a first attempt at zombie makeup, I think I did a pretty good job.

The first thing we found was Cinderella’s carriage. I thought that the heart in the background was appropriate for Kyle.

I have to admit, I felt like I was being followed the whole time.

Every time I turned around this is what I saw. He scared a number of small children and girls. But there was one little girl who decided she wanted to be a zombie for Halloween after she saw Kyle.


8 thoughts on “Cornbelly’s!

  1. Love. Love. LOVE! I’m quite impressed with these costumes and pictures, I’m glad you were able to survive the night! Who knew that fairy princesses were immune to the undead?

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