Cold Rain

I hate cold rain. I like warm rain, I like snow. Warm rain is fun and summery, if wet. Snow is fun and beautiful, if cold. Cold rain is just plain cold and wet. Nothing fun, summery or beautiful about it.

Cold rain just soaks through your clothes to make you colder. It’s brr cold and unpleasant. And the really sad thing is that if it was just a few degrees colder it would be lovely snow. Snow is ok, because when it snows you know to bundle up. And it just sits on your clothes and can be brushed off–it doesn’t soak into your clothes on immediate contact. You have a chance against the chill of snow! A chance!

And it’s pretty. And fun. You can make snowballs and throw them at your husband. I suppose you could make mudballs and throw them at your husband in cold rain, but I also suspect that might go over somewhat less well.

At least it snows more than it cold rains here. That’s good news.


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