One of My Neruoses

So I’m slightly neurotic sometimes. This may or may not extend to my cookie list on by web browser. I feel like what is at the top of my cookie list is an indicator of what is important to me, so the right websites had better there and they’d better be in the right order. The wrong websites had better be off of it.

Rationally, I know that anybody who borrows my computer is unlikely to do a psychoanalysis of me based on my cookie preferences. I also know that my “right order” probably says something negative about me. It goes g-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and then my 8 favorite blogs. My news sites are on my bookmark toolbar next to BYU’s website, blackboard, a link to an online version of my church’s scriptures and a comic that I read. They are ever present and don’t cross over onto my cookie list.

With the last update of Firefox, my two least favorite websites (in terms of whether or not they deserve to be on my cookie list) that I have been actively trying to kick off of my cookie list jumped to the top. No matter how much time passes since the last time I visited these sites, they adamantly stay on top. It frustrates me! What if somebody sees it and thinks poorly of me? Those two websites aren’t at the top of who I am! They’re somewhere in the middle!

My cookie list must define me personally! My priorities!

Firefox is waging a battle against my insane neuroses. It’s like it wants me to realize that my cookie list isn’t All Important.

But it is. Isn’t it?


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