The Reason for Your Gift

I love opening newly purchased things. I like taking them out of the plastic, opening boxes, ripping off tags…it pretty much all makes me happy. The second I get into the car after buying something I’m extracting my new prize from it’s commercial wrappings. It is because of this that I love ordering Christmas presents for other people online.

Now when you purchase Christmas gifts for people from the store, you don’t get to open them. No open boxes, no removed plastic wrap, no happiness. But when you buy people Christmas presents from the internet, they almost invariably come with a shipping manifest on the inside that you really need to remove so that the receiver doesn’t know how much money their gift didn’t cost. This must be removed! That does involve opening boxes, and occasionally even plastic wrap. And happiness.

This is why I purchase most of my gifts for other people online.

That and because I’m too lazy to go to a store.


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