Turning Weather

The weather has started to turn from merely chilly to quite cold recently, and it has made me grateful for the blessing of warm clothes. Scarves, boots, hats, thermal underwear, long sleeves, coats and gloves are my constant companions as I walk around during the cold winter months. They keep me from turning into a human popsicle as I attempt to walk home in the snow and cold.

It makes me grateful I live in a place that hovers in the 20s-30s (F) during the winter. I don’t envy people who have to live in the frozen wastelands of North Dakota and walk around there. I know how to count my blessings.

I also love the snow capped mountains in Utah in the winter. They’re lovely and comforting. Hooray for winter!

I have to keep a positive attitude at the beginning of winter. The longer it lasts the less time I spend being bitter about the snow in June.


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