Of Jumps and Towing

Today our car broke down. We tried to get a jump, but everyone I approached was too busy/too late for something to help. We finally called the campus police who came over to give us one. The car really struggled to turn on, but it finally did. As the cop walked away, Kyle got in the car, I pulled out, and it died again. The cop was already out of sight.

Then I tried calling somebody to look up a tow place for us. Everyone we called was unavailable or not near a computer. When I was about to call the one family member I hadn’t tried to call (who, it turns out, would have been available), Kyle decided to go inside and borrow the wifi there. He called a tow place, our car got towed, and now we get to hope that it’s cheap and easy to fix. We use our car quite a bit, and Kyle works too far away to use anything but a car to get there.

On the bright side we have loving family in the area to help us out in our time of car-lessness. Hooray for loving family.


4 thoughts on “Of Jumps and Towing

  1. Yeah for loving, helpful family. Glad you were able to get home and find transportation for tomorrow. Hope the repair bill won’t be too much for you.

  2. Oh, I hate car problems! Make sure you check your insurance policy. I only recently learned that many policies will cover a tow. We had to have our van towed a couple of months ago and the insurance covered $50 of it. Good luck I hope it’s not too bad.

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