A Day Without a Car

Is now turning into two days without a car. Our mechanics were swamped today and couldn’t get to our car. Wesley kindly lent us his, and I spent the day chauffeuring Kyle around because he has to go ten billion places on Friday and cannot drive a stick shift.

I believe that knowing how to drive a manual is an important life skill. Situations will inevitably arise in your life where it would be better if you were able to drive a stick shift. This belief was reinforced today.

It turned out ok, but we’re really hoping to get our car back tomorrow.

Also, as it turns out, after the lobby at the local Taco Bell closes, they won’t let you walk through the drive thru and give them money for food. You have to own a car to get food from the drive thru. What bigots! I want food late at night even without a car. >.>


2 thoughts on “A Day Without a Car

  1. I agree. There are definitely times that one needs to drive a stick. I can drive a stick, if I have to, but I never really learned well. That’s because I never owned one of my own. When my kids get old enough to drive, I am going to make it a point to get a standard transmission for them to drive so they can learn. But before I let them drive it, It will be my car until I’m good at it.

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