This is Getting Pricey

This whole car business is turning out to be pretty expensive. The battery has died, and there is some business going on with the air conditioning system and some belts that are involved in the A/C. I’m still not sure how the A/C and belts in the engine are connected, but our mechanic told us that while it’s not a problem yet it will be soon. Including some routine maintenance that needed to be done anyways (oil change and flushing the break fluid) with the cost of the new battery, it’s already going to cost us $200. He couldn’t quote us on the air conditioning/belts problem, and I hope that’s not too expensive.

Oh, dear Jeep! How we need you! Get back to good health soon!

Hopefully we’ll get the car back on Monday shiny and fixed. It’s a good thing our plans for tomorrow fell through.


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