A Post About Amy

On Tuesday, due to Thanksgiving break, instead of typical Tuesday classes BYU has scheduled Friday classes. (Yes, BYU arbitrarily changes what day of the week it is. I think they like the power). I don’t have classes on Fridays this semester. Instead I’m going into Amy’s fifth grade classroom and I’m going to teach a science lesson about physical and chemical changes. I’m bringing in hydrogen balloons and I have permission to make them explode. They make beautiful fireballs. I firmly believe that people think they dislike chemistry because high school chemistry classes don’t let them explode things in class. I have yet to take a chemistry class at BYU where something didn’t explode and get set on fire.

At any rate, it’s always kind of funny because Amy tells stories about me to her kids, so whenever I go in I get weird questions related to random stories they’ve heard about me. Last year Amy voiced her ardent dislike of skinny jeans to her kids. At a point later in the year, she was explaining that you can be friends with somebody who likes different things than you do. She told them, “For example, my sister and I are very different, but we still get along really well.”

One of her kids asked her, dismayed, “Does your sister like skinny jeans?” To which Amy had to confess that yes, I both like and wear skinny jeans. I was defined last year by the fact that I like skinny jeans. I’ll be interested to hear what they think of me this year. Hopefully they’ll think I’m awesome after I blow things up.


One thought on “A Post About Amy

  1. On Tuesday and due to Thanksgiving, BYU has scheduled Friday classes. That sentence made no sense whatsoever.
    …where something didn’t explore… I think you meant explode.

    Sounds like you will have a lot of fun in Amy’s class next Tuesday!

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