We have come up to my aunt’s house, which is about 45 minutes away, for Thanksgiving. It’s been a really nice day.

They have recliners.

I love recliners.

I can lay back, which makes my stomach feel about a thousand times better, and just chat. I’ve been able to sit and rest most of the day. It’s been really nice in helping my pregnancy sickness. It was a little touch and go during the actual Thanksgiving dinner, but as long as I stayed away from the spicy turkey, it’s been ok.

I also remembered the punchline for the Egyptian Flu joke. Women who are pregnant have the Egyptian flu, they’re sick for nine months and then they’re a mummy.

It’s ok to laugh, I know you think it’s hilarious.

I’ve also gotten the obligatory advice from all my cousins that have children (Don’t find out the sex of the baby! You’re considering cloth diapering? What’s wrong with you? Do you want my old baby swing? I was in labor for 10 hours, but don’t listen to other people’s horror stories.) and it has been appropriately stored away for use if I deem it applicable. I love my cousins, they crack me up.

Happy Thanksgiving, I hope yours has been as wonderful and relaxing as mine has been.


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