A Sad Pair

Well, together Kyle and I have made for a pretty sad Saturday. I’ve still got pregnancy sickness bad enough that I was in bed most of the day, and Kyle had a combination of the runs and vomiting all last night. I felt so bad for him. I don’t think he got to bed until past three or four.

It also seems that I have a hard time vomiting in front of other people, excluding of course Kyle who so graciously holds my hair. The entire day and a half we were at my aunt’s for Thanksgiving, I couldn’t throw up at all. I felt terrible, but nothing would come up. Since coming home, this has been rectified. I’m honestly not sure which is better, actually vomiting, or feeling so bad that you think you ought to but being unable to.

You know, if that line of thought doesn’t gross you out too much. Welcome to my life right now.

I’m also becoming increasingly concerned about my schoolwork for the last part of the semester. The beginning of next semester will also start my second trimester, so I’m hoping that I will feel less sick and that it will go well. But, though I am on the downhill slope of this semester, I still have a few things that need to get done before I can finish. Being largely bed or couch-ridden is crimping my style and my ability to do homework. I may call my midwife clinic and see if they have any suggestions for me. I have a serious need to finish this semester.


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