BYU Shenanigans

Every now and then when I’m walking around campus, I see something quite out of the ordinary that makes me laugh. I usually try to snap a picture of it. So here’s some of the unusual things I’ve seen on campus over the past year and a half.

Ok, so this one was on the way home. Any guesses as to what is decorating this lovely Jeep?

Yup. I don’t want to know who drank all of those Big Gulps.

The girl’s bathroom by the art history department during finals winter semester 2011.

As long as we’ve got a Harry Potter theme going, let’s do this one. This was a poster advertising a series of lectures the Chemistry department does on getting jobs with a degree in a hard science.

And this was their tagline.

This snowman was about five inches tall. I thought it was adorable.

And this was today’s gem, taped to a topiary base. I blurred out his phone number, but if you really want to have Triscuts with a man so sexy he still wears his retainer, I’m pretty sure I can hook you up. You know. Metaphorically.


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