In our church, at the local level all of the positions in the church are held by volunteers. When they make changes in who is doing what, they announce changes from the pulpit to keep everybody in the congregation aware of what is going on. The process is that they talk to you if they want to release you from a calling or if they want to ask you to do a calling, and then they announce it in sacrament meeting. I’m always moderately paranoid during sacrament that they’re going to accidentally release me without having first spoken to me. But that usually doesn’t happen.

Except that it happened today. Kyle and I were released from our calling as CTR 7 Sunday school teachers, and it was quite the surprise when we heard our names getting released. We’re both kind of sad. We’ve really enjoyed teaching these kids. Also the Primary President suggested that our names might have been requested by another organization. Kyle is now paranoid that we’ll be teaching Young Men’s and Young Women’s. o.o Who knows. We’ll do what we’re asked.

Maybe they’ll talk to us before they announce what we’ve been called to do in Sacrament Meeting next time.


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