Hard to be Humble

Today, I was certifiably awesome. Despite being the sickest I’ve been in a few weeks, I managed to make it to classes. In both of those classes, I got my research papers back, and I got a 95 and a 97 on them. My Southern Baroque professor asked me to send her a digital copy of my paper and told me that it was well reasoned, with a good amount of research to back up my visual claims. The fact that she wants a copy of it means that she liked it enough to show it to future classes as an example of well written papers. My History of Photography professor told me that I’m the first student he’s had who has addressed Sally Mann’s work in a way that he felt really understood it.

Both of these things made me feel really great.

After this, I spent two hours helping Kyle out by designing a portfolio he was going to use in an interview with a company in Salt Lake that might give him an internship. At the end of the interview, instead of telling Kyle he wasn’t really looking for interns, but knew other people who were (which is evidently what he told most of the other students), the interviewer asked Kyle to send him a copy of his portfolio and information. Kyle said that the guy didn’t read anything in the portfolio, but was taken with the design. Kyle provided the concept for the design, but I executed it.

Tomorrow I may return to my pre-finals-need-to-write-this-one-last-paper panic and my typical woe-is-me-morning-sickness-is-consuming-my-soul mantra, but today? Today I was fabulous.


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