Church Christmas Party

We went to our church’s Christmas party on Saturday, largely because I couldn’t bear the thought of cooking and I wanted Kyle to eat a real meal instead of cereal. When we got there, it turned out that instead of buffet-style the Young Men were serving dinner. So we sat down at a table occupied by one other couple, introduced ourselves, and waited for dinner.

We quite enjoyed the company of the couple. Dinner was really quite good, but dessert took forever to be served. During the wait, Kyle and the other husband decided to have a butter sculpture contest. Since there were four people at a table set for eight, we had quite a bit of butter left over from the rolls. We were musing over whether or not they would actually save it. We decided they probably wouldn’t save it, because who knows what kinds of germs and kids fingers got on it during the meal. So Kyle and the husband each took the remainder of their sticks and began sculpting. Kyle made a monster face generally reminiscent of a sculpture my mom got from one of my brothers for mother’s day one year. It was peach and had a wide gaping mouth. The other husband had some skill with sculpture, and made a cute little dragon. Kyle was ashamed, and destroyed his sculpture before I could take a picture. I got one of the dragon, but the cultural hall was so dark, and my phone doesn’t have flash, so it didn’t come out. But it was cute.

It all turned out quite enjoyable in the end.


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