Life Support

They took my grandfather off of life support today and brought him home so that he can die peacefully in his home surrounded by family.

Kyle and I were supposed to go to a training meeting for our calling for church this morning, but when we got there, nobody was there. For some reason as I was standing in that empty room it really hit me what was going to happen to Grandpa and I began to cry. I spent most of the rest of the day in the hospital or at Grandpa’s, after they brought him home.

It’s hard to see somebody that you’ve known so long be so ill and out of it. The EEG scan they took of his brain said that there wasn’t much brain activity, and Grandpa was an academic, an intellectual. He was a man of the mind, and he would not want his body to linger without his mind. All of his sons are in town, and I’ve been able to see family I haven’t seen in over a decade. So he is surrounded by family who love him.

I’m sad that he won’t be able to see my baby in July. Grandpa was great with kids, and this would be his first great grandchild. My maternal grandfather died five months before I was born, and Mom always says that she thinks we met before I was born and he told me to give her a hard time. I kind of think they’ll cross in heaven before Baby comes to earth.

It makes me grateful for the Plan of Salvation. I know that the end of Grandpa’s life won’t be the last time I see him. The bonds of family can be eternal, and he will always be my grandpa. I will be able to see him again someday, and he will be able to see those who have gone on before him when he passes from this vale of tears. His death is sad, but I also feel peace in this knowledge. Grandpa bore testimony of the Savior, and his love of the Redeemer was passed onto his sons and through my dad was passed onto me. His legacy as an educator and a testator of Christ will live on through his family.


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