Brrr Cold

So we turn our heat off at night because paying to heat our house is expensive. We have a space heater for our room. I normally don’t like to have the heat on unless we’re going to be home for at least a couple of hours.

We’ve been gone a lot this week, between the funeral and having family stuff. It’s gotten to the point that we haven’t turned the heat on in about four days. As it turns out, no matter how old and poorly insulated our house is, it still retains enough heat not to be absolutely freezing even when we have the heat off for most of one day.

Having the heat off four days in a row? Makes our house absolutely freezing.

We got home at about 9:30 this evening, and I turned the heat on. It may only be on for an hour and a half, but it will put some heat into our frigid house.

In other news, we got our crib today. And by “got our crib” I do mean picked it up from my aunt and uncle’s who are done having kids and getting rid of their crib. And it dawned on me that next year we’ll have to leave the heat on at night so Baby doesn’t freeze.

Is it bad that my first response was “Wow, that sounds expensive?”


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