Seven Layer Dip

Yesterday was the Super Bowl. It’s the only NFL game I ever watch, usually because there’s a party at my aunt and uncle’s house and I don’t want to miss out on good company and football food. This year they didn’t host a party for various reasons, so we found ourselves needing a place to stay. So I texted my friend Prince Charming, who is about mine and Amy’s only friend who also likes football, and I offered to make seven layer dip if he would have us over.

I was lovely. The game was fun, there was the traditional one person cheering for the wrong team (this year it was Wesley, who is evidently a Patriots fan), and between the five of us there we managed to eat the entire 9×13 pan of seven layer dip I had made. I choose to see this as evidence that my dip was delicious. I even used homemade guacamole in it. And the olives were clearly placed on top of the dip only on the Disgusting Side. Even Youngest SIL, who isn’t the biggest football fan, had a good time.

And Kyle had to record all of the ads and product placement in the game for one of his classes (he’s an advertising major), so we had fun pointing out all of the product placement in the game too fast for him to write down. I’m really good at spotting product placement because my dad is a marketing professor and I got used to him pointing it out.

So, fun Super Bowl party? Check.


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