Adventures in Plumbing

So our house is probably around 60 years old, and I’m not sure that much has been updated since it was built except a few appliances. The toilet, tub, pipes, heat, stove and sinks are all original.

Last week our toilet clogged and flooded. I was in the bedroom, and all of a sudden I hear, “ELIZA! The toilet’s flooding! I need your help!”

I ran out to see that yes, the toilet was indeed flooding, rapidly. There was about an inch of water on the floor and it was still gushing out. Now, I have unclogged toilets in the past, but I’ve never unclogged a toilet that was actively flooding. I felt that we should stop the flooding before we got to the unclogging business.

This is when it might be helpful to note that neither Kyle nor I are incredibly handy.

So I ran to my bedroom, grabbed my phone and called the first person I could think of who would know how to stop a flooding toilet: my mother.

Who, of course, didn’t answer.

So I dialed the next handy person on my contacts list, Matthew. He instructed me to turn the knob next to the toilet to turn the water off.


So we sopped up urine-water with towels (fortunately no floaties had escaped the toilet bowl) and then unclogged the toilet. It turns out that in addition to the clog, the little floater thing in the toilet’s tank that is supposed to tell it when to stop running was broken, and the water in our toilet was running perpetually. Normally it drained at the same rate that it was filling up, but it was still broken. So we called our handy-man (one of the conveniences of renting) who came and fixed it up for us.

Today our basement flooded. We’re not really sure what started it, but there’s a little drain looking thing that water was gushing out of. We baled the water into a bucket and threw it outside to get rid of it. Now if we flush or run the shower our basement floods just that much more.

It’s time to call our handy man again, and hope this is the end of our plumbing adventures. I hope he comes soon so we can do things like use our toilet and wash dishes without flooding the basement. In the meantime, I’m shaking my fist at our ancient plumbing system.


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Plumbing

  1. But your mother called you right back as soon as she reached her phone. Although I am glad that your brother gave you the information you desperately needed. Good thing you have family to “bail” you out.

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