Well, Bless

Since I’ve spent the past two hours whining to family members about my life, I thought I’d put some positive things on my blog to counteract the karma/mojo/whatever.

The plumber came yesterday and fixed our clogged pipes. Hooray for mechanical skills I do not possess!

The alignment on our car is fixed.

I have a lovely friend who is helping me figure out what it would take to put together a sewing business.

We found some files we had thought were lost at work. This means that we’re much farther than we thought we were.

I married a really attractive and sweet guy that puts a smile on my face every day.

I’m starting to look genuinely pregnant. I’d like to think this increases my cute factor. (The flip side is that if I’m this big at 20 weeks, I’m going to be positively elephantine at 40.)

No matter how irritating and frustrating life is, there are always blessings to count.

God bless.


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