I have four research papers to write this semester. After an exam on Thursday, they will pretty much be the only assignments left for the rest of the semester in these four classes, if that gives any indication of their importance and scope.

Today I nailed down theses for two of them and started getting excited about them. One in particular has some sentimental value because I’m expanding on some of the research my grandfather (the one who passed away in January) did throughout his career. His pet research throughout his tenure as a professor was collecting sources on and documentation of extant ancient metallic documents (an interest no doubt spurred by the Gold Plates of the Book of Mormon). He published a book in 2005 about what he had discovered, and in the book commented that the field of metallic documents is a brand new one for historians to explore. While my abilities to research are somewhat limited by experience and resources, I’ve decided to take up his challenge by writing an art historical approach to two gold plates with religious texts written on them that were discovered in an old Etruscan temple in Italy.

My Medieval Art paper is in a similar vein as my Senior Thesis, both about medieval gift-giving and manuscripts, and my Contemporary Art paper is dealing with the glamorization of domestic violence in contemporary fashion photography. How exciting anybody else finds these topics is of dubious importance to me. I like them, and these papers and finals are pretty much all that stand between me and my shiny diploma.

I can do this.


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