Momma had all her kids learn piano so that we would always be able to play at church if we were needed. Today in Relief Society one of the members of the presidency asked if anybody could play piano, so I raised my hand. Usually being asked to play last minute goes over pretty well because I’m familiar with most of the songs in our hymnbook, so I wasn’t too worried.

Until I was informed that for the opening hymn we would be singing a song from the Children’s Hymnbook instead of the regular hymnbook. Now the children’s hymnbook is relatively simple, but the songs are simple and familiar enough that if you make ANY mistakes it is instantly and glaringly obvious. I’ve never had a reason to learn the songs in the Children’s Hymnbook, always having played piano in the meetings for adults.

Naturally, I ended up sight-reading a song called “I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus,” which is relatively simple, but every time I hit a wrong note it was just bad. I was grateful to get back to the normal hymnbook for the closing song and play a hymn I had actually played before.

I think the slow message here may be that I need to learn some of the songs in the Children’s Hymnal, so that when asked last minute to play, I won’t be sight-reading all the time. >.>


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