Uphill Battles

I am continuing my battle through the first draft of my senior thesis. It’s going…moderately.

Last Friday my professor for Senior Thesis mentioned that she was in contact with a few of the members of the class periodically and was feeling confident about their papers and presentations. She then commented that there were some members of the class that she hadn’t heard much of anything from throughout the semester, and she was more concerned about those students.

Guess which camp I’m in? That’s right, the second.

She continued to say that she hoped that those of us in the second camp were writing really great papers and would rush across the finish line of our first drafts with flying colors. She was hoping for no lame mules limping across the finish line hours after the lovely first-place finishers.

I’m submitting my first draft to her electronically over e-mail. I’m seriously considering naming the document “Lame Mule Draft,” because there’s nothing like lowered expectations to make your first draft seem ok.

I’m at the point where I’ve been attacking this document so much that I’m in no position to objectively state how good it is. I feel like it’s horrible, makes no sense, and will forever mar my academic career, preventing me from ever hoping to apply to any graduate school because I cannot emerge from the rock of shame this senior thesis has put me under.

But I also have a flair for the melodramatic. Ask somebody else how good it is. If you can find somebody willing to read a piece of academic drivel.


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