Weddings, Missions and Birthdays

Yesterday I went to the wedding of a long-time friend from back home. It’s the first sealing I’ve been to since I got married, and it was really nice. It made me remember many of the sweet feelings I have about my marriage.

Then I spent 20 minutes outside and got a tan. But that’s neither here nor there.

This morning I went to a homecoming talk for a former roommate and good friend. She graciously hosted mine and Kyle’s reception at her house over a year and a half ago, so it was good to see her again.

Today was both Wesley and Little SIL’s birthdays. Since they are both in Provo, I took it upon myself to make them dinner and cakes. Yes, cakes. Wesley wanted a carrot cake (with cream cheese frosting!) and Little SIL wanted lemon cake. I made them both, and they were both beautiful and delicious.

And since carrot cake is really a muffin, I saved a piece for myself to eat for breakfast tomorrow.

I also found a 7 pound ham for $10, and cooked it for dinner with cheesy potatoes and Caesar salad. It is the first time I’ve made ham and it was fabulous. To quote Kyle when he does awesome things, “I am a god!”

We then played loaded questions, which turned out to be lots of fun with our group of family. I would try and tell the stories, but those types of stories never go over quite as well in the retellings as they do when you’re there.


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