Today we were asked to substitute in Nursery at church because all of the leaders were sick. They were cute kids, and most of them were fine. There was one little girl who cried while her mom left, so I held her and patted her back and became Almost-As-Good-As-Mom until it was over.

After church, I made sausage gravy and biscuits for dinner (yum), and narrowly defeated Kyle in Scrabble. Seriously, I was losing the entire game, and only managed a lead in my last play, getting rid of my tiles and making Kyle lose 7 points for his remaining tiles.

Then we found out that we have ants. I hate insects in my house! I swept and mopped the floor to get rid of any ant goodies they might find, and Kyle washed the remaining dishes so we won’t find them on our counter in the morning. I’m looking for recipes for ant poison, and may go out and get ant poison or borax in the morning. I really hate bugs!


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