Finding Motivation

I emerged from the land of intense pregnancy sickness to the realization of all the research and papers I hadn’t had the energy previously to commit to.

I’ve been committing the time and energy over the past few weeks, to the exclusion of almost everything else. (Dear house: I will clean you when my papers are written.) I’ve even managed to rekindle my desire for good grades as opposed to the pitiful “C’s get degrees, right?” mentality I’d been fostering all semester. I guess actually sitting down to write papers makes me want to make them be good.

My first paper is due tomorrow. It’s written and edited, I just need to print it out and put it in my bag before I go to bed. The second paper is due on Thursday. I have three pages left to write, so I should be fine. The last two papers are due on the last day of classes (around April 10). One of the papers is my senior thesis, which I have a draft of, and the last paper shouldn’t take more than a few days to finish researching and write.

Papers and finals are all that stand between me and graduating. I will defeat you!

Kyle’s still searching for an internship. He’s been applying for places since the end of last semester, but nobody seemed to want to bite. He’s had one interview, and a followup interview tomorrow. We’re praying that this or something else comes through so that he can graduate and get work experience.

The oddity of the fact that this is my last semester hasn’t sunk in yet. I am in no way obligated to continue my formal education. I always take summers off from school, so looking forward to a break at the end of winter semester isn’t unusual. The idea that at the start of next semester I will be sending Kyle off to classes while I stay at home with baby and work (hopefully also from home, if my plans work out) is…surreal. Hopefully it will prove to be a good transition. What I do over the summer depends largely on if/where Kyle gets an internship and how functional I am at the end of my pregnancy and after giving birth. I’m kind of factoring in some Mama time in July/August, and don’t anticipate being super productive in the purview of work during that time. It’s a good thing we have some savings.

Life is changing! Here’s to the future.


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