Disordered Thoughts

I’ve started getting insomnia. And it makes me feel bad because I am apparently the loudest person in the middle of the night when I wake up. I always wake Kyle up. I’m pretty sure he could throw a party when he wakes up in the middle of the night and I’d sleep through it, but this does not go both ways.

I finally gave up on sleep tonight and came out to the living room to browse the internets. Unfortunately, there’s nobody to chat with a 3 in the morning, and even the internet gets boring after a while.

I suspect that my insomnia is related to my new heartburn. Apparently since being pregnant squishes all your inside organs to new and fun places, this can make it easier for stomach acid to run up your esophagus, giving you heartburn. Kyle gets heartburn all the time, and now I have all new empathy for him. Apparently being pregnant is an exercise in empathy. Between extended illness, nausea, pain, GI problems, heartburn, gas, insomnia and general crankiness, I have a whole new appreciation for problems that other people I know deal with on a regular basis.

In other news, today I finished another paper, due tomorrow. I’m fairly pleased with it, and more glad that it’s done than anything. I got to spend some time with a good friend today as well, which was greatly appreciated. Kyle and I also got a chance to have a few really good conversations. It’s really nice to have a sounding board for things I’m considering and problems I’m facing.

Tomorrow is back to the grindstone, I’ve got classes all day. Just a few more weeks and I’m free forever from my undergraduate degree. Graduation is going to be good for me; I’m excited.


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