“Speed” Walking

Yesterday I forgot my lunch at home. Seeing as Kyle would be on campus later that day, I texted him and arranged to meet him after class. I went up to the Brimhall, picked up my lunch, and started heading out. Evidently, I looked quite unhappy when I picked up my lunch (and to be fair, I was; I’d had to walk across campus twice carrying a heavy backpack and my back was aching with pregnancy aches), so Kyle decided to run after and see if I was ok. As I was waddling across the quad in front of the testing center, I saw Kyle run past me looking around. By the time I realized it was him, he’d slipped into another building to take a shortcut to my office.

I watched him run all the way to my work, searching all the while, but never thinking that I don’t walk that fast anymore. I’m getting bigger every day, and I just don’t move that quickly. He got clear to the elevators before turning to look back and see that in his haste to find me, he had completely bypassed me.

I told him I was just grumpy, and mocked him for passing me in his attempt to make sure I was ok. I do believe he felt rather silly, but it made me laugh and cheered me up.


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