Sad Schmuck

Generally with schoolwork, I don’t necessarily get things done early, but I get them done in a timely fashion. But this last exam, this one final exam, is just killing me. I don’t want to study for it.

Vespasian? Who? He was a Roman emperor, do you really need to know anything else? The Flavian amphitheater/colloseum? Do I really care? I’ve actually really enjoyed my Roman Art class this semester; I’ve learned a lot about the Roman Empire and how it fits into the Western traditions of thought and art, but dang. It’s just the last final. The very last one I have to take. And studying for it is frustratingly distracting. I have FUN things happening this week, like family coming in, Brick Oven and dance bands and tamales. Spending some actual quality time with Kyle. Elder Oaks is speaking at Commencement. And then I get to get handed a diploma cover as though it actually means something (the actual diploma gets sent in the mail later, once they’ve confirmed that you really qualified to graduate, making the song and dance of graduation ceremonies even songier and dancier).

The other downside is that it’s from 8-10pm, which is my least favorite time to have a scheduled exam. After all my whining about having three 7 am finals last semester, I found that I actually like 7am finals. As you’re walking home at 9am, finished with your finals for the day, you see all the sad schmucks who still have finals left to take that day. It’s kind of a great feeling. But now I’m the sad schmuck with a final at the last possible moment! I guess you can’t always pick your own sad schmuck moments.


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