Tactical Error

So last week Kyle and I went to this Senior Celebration thing where they gave us free food, free bowling, and free Vocal Point. They were doing a prize raffle, and at various points asked anybody with kids to stand so that the kids could get things, too. I was awarded two bottles of bubbles for having a kid on the way. It was the only prize we won that night.

At any rate, a few weeks ago Kyle and I helped out in Nursery at church, and they had bubbles. Evidently the kids loved the bubbles a lot, but all of the wands were broken, so getting the bubbles to blow was kind of difficult. I was thinking about this yesterday when I ran across the bubbles I’d been given at the Senior Celebration, and I decided to blow them to see if we’d been given crappy bubbles. What I forgot to account for was the fact that the ceiling fan was blowing. It turns out that the bubbles we have are much higher quality than the nursery bubbles. So I blew them, and the fan blew them back to land nearly exclusively on me, covering me with bubble-soap remains.

It was a little sticky. And quite frankly, being assaulted by a wall of bubbles with no escape is mildly terrifying. In case you ever wondered.


4 thoughts on “Tactical Error

  1. The best bubbles are from Gymboree. They are not soap based, so don’t sting if they get in the eyes. They are more sticky and more expensive than regular bubbles. It’s all I buy now for the grandkids.

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