Well, today I went and walked forty minutes to make it about 100 feet away into the Marriott Center for our Commencement ceremony. That’s how long it took to get all the graduates filed into the building. It was kind of a long time to be standing and waddling in the sun for a hot pregnant lady, but I persisted and managed to make it to and through Commencement.

Evidently Dad was very upset when he couldn’t find “Eliza Wright” in the Commencement program, until he realized that he should be looking more in the middle of the list for “Eliza Wright Meeks.” I have moved from the end to the middle of the alphabet, and I was included in the program. My name was spelled correctly and everything.

The speakers (traditionally the most painful part of graduation) were actually quite good. Elder Dallin H. Oaks was the main speaker, although I confess that at that point I was so uncomfortable and hungry that I didn’t pay the closest attention to his talk. But the ceremony was nice, and precisely one hour long.

Oh, and there were 5,996 graduates this year. It kind of makes you want to look around campus and ask for four more volunteers to graduate. To give us a nice, even number of graduates.


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